Thursday, January 14, 2010

Indianapolis - Brew-Drink-Vote-

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Microbreweries could sell beer for takeout on Sundays under a bill endorsed by a Senate committee Wednesday.,0,2147098.story

They can also sell during voting hours on election day!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home Brew List

Just finished and IPA/Lager, Lager, Pale Ale Rye HB, 10 gallons of Pinot Grigio. I am into the final stages of the pinot, 8 more days of clarifying, 14 days of polish and clearing then it's time for the bottle. Ready to drink early march, prime time to drink will be in May.

Xmas Beer Trees Revisited

Friday, October 2, 2009


Hops: My hops only produced a few cones, with the 60 plus days of 100+ temps it seemed to fool my hops into flowering too early, by the end of August the vines were already turning brown. The Willamette got to about 7 feet and the Nugget to about 3 0r 4. I am hoping they have a good root structure and will produce very well next year.

Beer: I have converted a small dorm fridge into a lager box for our first attempt at making a lager. The fridge still hovers around the low 30's, so we have put it on a timer to try to regulate it better, it seems to be in the high 40's low 50's now. If the wort we put in a few days ago doesn't show any signs of life since it was too cold, we will repitch with some fresh Lager yeast.

Ale: We made ten gallons of a light beer and are pitching each one with a different yeast and different fermenting temps, ale and lager. both will be dry hopped with fresh Cascade hops.

Whiskey: I am hoping to finally start the corn whiskey project once the temps drop into the lower 80's, so that makes short term moonshine by winter, and putting it in oak for about a year. I am hoping to get into a cycle so I can age it for three years and always have some on hand.

Pictures and more updates soon.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hop Update

Willamette: 1st vine is 59 inches tall, second one is about 36 inches. A third vine was starting to come up, so I plucked it and replanted it to see what will happen with it, so far it has lived three days. The leaves are getting eaten by something.

Nugget: 30 inches tall, second vine about 20 inches. Nothing seems to be eating the leaves.

I am getting a few leaves that something is eating on, as well as some small lighter blotches. I don't see any bugs or larvae during anytime of the day except maybe late night? See the images below.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hop Update:

This is the Nugget hops, two vines poking through, the Willamette is over six inches and started it first curl around the rope. Lots of rain today and this week. Catching as much as I can in the rain barrels!!

Baby brew is coming along nice.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Homegrown Hops

I have converted a small space under my purple martin house to try and grow some hop vines. The location is that small strip of ground between two driveways. For most of it's life it has grown grass and weeds, but was converted into a small 3x5 raised bed. The existing sprinkler head was converted into a drip system to cover three vines. I have created an 3 small anchors and buried them when I filled in the beds. The ropes are attached to my purple martin house and it can raise and lower with a hand crank to check the vines. Rhizomes went in the ground in early April, and both have finally pushed up a small vine. The Willamette is faster than the Nugget. Pictures and better details soon.

Willamette - Hybrid of the Fuggle grown in Oregon. Moderate bitterness and spicy aroma. Alpha rating 4-6, used for bittering or finishing ales.